Walt has been playing in the sawdust since age 12, when
he first got his nose into a woodshop.

Bought his first tablesaw at 16, which was a 2hp 12"
contractor saw.

Whatever he ended up doing in life, woodworking always
remained his first love.

He has been building anything and everything ever since.

He loves all things wood, especially old furniture.

He prefers to build solid hardwood furniture with
traditional joinery.

Life is too short for particle board!
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Soul Food:
all the water in the world
cannot sink a ship...
unless it gets on
the inside.
Stellar: (adjective)
outstanding, heavenly, supreme, of the stars...
...in the end,
only kindness matters
To be an artist
is to suffer
amidst the wonder,

to laugh through salty tears,
revel in dark years,

meander through the haze,
all the while amazed

getting knocked down is no big deal,
getting back up is.

Crohn's disease sucks!
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my maker's mark
is my trademark.