A photo essay on furniture legs in the Arts & Craft style...
Page 3 of 3 : four piece furniture legs - more variations
thin veneer 4 piece legs
mitered fascia 4 piece legs
I built 4 piece legs
for my Morris

I went with thin
veneers this time.

They were glued
on at 3/32" thick.

Then they were
jointed down to
1/16" thin.
The reward for
all the time, effort
and patience...

invisible corner

These mitered
fascia legs were
very tricky to

3 thousandths of
an inch were
removed from the
bevels at each
jointer pass, to
sneak up on the
perfect fit.

Slow and fussy.
The thin veneers
were tricky to

but look
inconspicuous and
pleasing once
mounted on the

Very discreet!
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